Travel Essentials for a trip to Europe: Tips for influencers

Travel essentialsWe have all been there. At the last minute, we packed too many things crazily, and there was not enough space to hold it. Packing for a European holiday can be difficult. Trust me; I have been there. Have you ever noticed that a crazy lady at the airport screened her luggage because her luggage exceeded the weight limit? Yes, not my proudest moment. As content creators, bloggers, and influential people, traveling to a foreign country is only part of the job, and it is necessary to find and feel your best state during travel.

When you travel like me, I was frantically packing and rearranging your belongings at the airport will quickly get old. After a lot of trial and error, I feel that I finally found a balance between the things that can move me and the items that stay at home, and I want to pass on the tips to you. Find the plane that suits you to go to your next European destination. Or any place related to it!

Now, we don’t need to understand the basics such as the clothes to be packed, because every holiday requires different types of clothes, so I will leave the clothes matching skills to you. However, I find that packaging all the smaller items (such as hair and beauty products) can become overwhelmed and easily overdone. When packaging these items, it is essential that you save as much space as possible by packaging travel-scale items and introducing multi-purpose products. Whenever possible, these photos of making your hair and face look as fresh as possible are strategic!

Travel essentials:Dry Shampoo

Travel essentials

First of all, it may be the first hair care product that is essential when I travel. Whether I am traveling or not, dry shampoo is a conditioner! Who wants to spend the entire vacation shampooing and re-styling hair every night? I know I would instead explore, that’s for sure. Dry shampoos can solve all hair problems. Does the hair seem to shrink from flying or a long day? Apply this to your roots, and your hair will be completely glowing within a few seconds. I strongly recommend that you pack it while you are on vacation, but I recommend keeping it in your wallet during the entire trip because you never know when to pack your hair during the trip.

Travel essentials:Setting Mist Moisturizer

Like dry hair shampoo can save hair, moisturizing styling spray is the perfect product to save face on vacation. It is a recent discovery and quickly became the main content of my travel bag. The moisturizing spray is very suitable for spraying on your cosmetics at any time so that you can refresh soon. You can even spray it on a fresh face to moisturize your skin when you are away. Typical makeup styling sprays can also solve the problem, but it is well known that travel and flying can dehydrate the face, so I like all the moisturizing properties contained in the spray.

Travel essentials:Hair and Face Oil

Travel essentials

As mentioned earlier, due to the high altitude while flying, travel may severely dehydrate your hair and skin, so keeping your skin and hair moist is very important. I like to use Oil as a hair and the skin moisturizer to simplify beauty procedures when traveling. If any oil scares you, I encourage you to reconsider. For the longest time, I was afraid of using Oil in beauty salons because I thought Oil would cause terrible oily hair and skin, but this is the opposite! Once you find the right Oil for your skin type, I promise you will never look back. I recommend looking for all-natural oils without artificial fragrances. Your skin will glow like never before, and your hair will be silky hydrated.

Travel essentials: Headscarf

If you don’t wear a headscarf, is it a European holiday? I don’t know you, but I think the Headscarf is the perfect accessory to add a European vibe on your vacation. They are light and easy to pack, unlike eye-catching tangled necklaces or heavy necklaces in suitcases. Also, the Headscarf is multifunctional and can be worn on the hair, neck, belt loop, or even the belt of the bag.

Travel essentials:Hairspray or Texturizing Spray

Travel essentials

Do you plan to style your hair entirely? Bring hairspray! Even if you are not an ordinary hair spray user, I strongly recommend that you pack a small travel-sized bottle! When traveling, our hair tends to shrink, and we don’t always go back to the hotel at noon to get a touch-up. No matter what your plan is today, using hair spray or styling spray will ensure that your hair is full of life. On a recent trip to Europe, I ran out of travel bottles that I carried with me, and it wasn’t easy to find a bottle to replace in the place I was staying nearby. It saves you the trouble of looking for hair spray while on vacation and pack some.

Travel essentials:Portable Charger

There is nothing worse than letting the phone die while on vacation and not being able to charge it before returning to the hotel. This gadget is even helpful during airplane and road trips! In places like Amazon, you can get a portable charger for as low as $30, and I believe it is worth the money. Most are super small and can fit in your wallet. Whenever your battery becomes weak, connect your phone to the charger to save!

Travel essentials:Makeup Wipes

Makeup wipes are a quick and convenient way to bring plenty of facial cleanser and removal products. These products are easy to pack because they usually come in travel size and are disposable, so they can clean the face and remove makeup on the go. You don’t have to worry about the fluffy white hotel towels on the mascara being soiled!

Travel essentials:Bold Lipstick

It is not for everyone, but if you feel timid, please pack one or two bold lipsticks. I mean, you are going to Europe on vacation, you might as well try something interesting there, right? My favorite shade for European packaging is bright red. No matter what season you travel in, I think this shadow screams European style.

Travel essentials:Bronzer and Highlighter

If you plan to pack any cosmetics, make sure to pack the bronzer and highlighter. Before you start tanning, there is nothing better than having a perfect sun-like glow on vacation. Highlighters and bronzers are a quick and easy way to outline your face and achieve European gloss. Brush some bronze pens, add some highlighters, and put on a pair of sunscreen, you are golden!

Travel essentials:Lip Gloss/Lip Balm

As I said, travel is dehydrating, and your lips need hydration. When putting on makeup, you must maintain a good lip balm at all times. It is essential for soft and soft lips when traveling. Unfortunately for me, this is something I often forget, and later I regret it when my lips are in desperate need of moisture without being hydrated. If you encounter this situation as often as I do, use the packaged hair oil and put a small drop on your lips.

Travel essentials:The bottom line

Less is more! Try to pack things that will be versatile when traveling. This way, you will have more space in your suitcase to take home all the clothes you bought on vacation! Packing for a holiday can be stressful, but I hope my advice will help you. Stick to the essentials and forget all the chaos. Your future self will thank you. Happy traveling, baby!

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