How to train the hair and reduce greasiness

Are you continually waging a battle against greasy hair? If you often seem to pour it in a bucket of butter, don’t give up hope. This is a guide that will show you how to train your hair to be less greasy. You can teach your sebum-secreting hair follicles to produce less oil, and finally, change your hair type from “greasy” to “normal.” How is this done?

How to train your hair


train your hairYou may be wondering how to reduce the greasiness of the hair and its difficulty. Is that the process is much more complicated than you expected. The more times you wash your hair, the greasier the grease. Yes, the shampoo can remove the oil from the hair, thus producing more oil. This means that by over-shampooing, you are training it to be efficient sebum making machine. And, to reverse this problem, you need to resist the urge to scrub these harnesses.

Therefore, how often should you take a shampoo bottle? It is recommended that you try to reduce the amount of cleaning every time. Some even recommend limiting the shampoo to twice a week.


train your hairIf you reduce your shampoo to once or twice a week, you may need to clean your hair thoroughly. The clarifying shampoo can solve the problem very well, and wash away the product deposits and any other stench that sticks to the lock. Remember, clarifying shampoos are beneficial, so limit their use to twice a week.

When choosing a more traditional shampoo, it is essential to avoid using products that will depress the hair and make it appear “smooth.” Give any shampoo containing the following ingredients protein, oil, or silicon, and choose a shampoo that looks translucent instead of creamy.

When figuring out how to train your hair to reduce sebum production, dry shampoo is an invaluable tool. Dry shampoo can delay your shampoo time. If your hair starts to look a bit… messy, but it is not a day for shampooing, applying some dry shampoo to the roots will help. Not only can it help you avoid the shine of sebum, but it can also give you more time between shampooing, which will help show you who the boss is and train your hair more quickly.


train your hairSome people mistakenly think that you don’t need to condition greasy hair. Error. Conditioning is an essential part of how to train hair to reduce greasiness. First, avoid the scalp from the middle to the end of the shaft. It is best to choose a conditioner with moisturizing properties. This will tell your scalp sebaceous glands that your hair has enough moisture, so they don’t need to produce too much oil.

Train hair – GO WARM, THEN COLD.

Water temperature can also affect the health and greasiness of hair. Excessive hot water is a big taboo because it will dry the hair and scalp, causing more oil. It is best to start with warm water because it will open and clean your cuticle and switch to cold water to close the cuticle again.

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