OILY HAIR TIPSDo you have an oily scalp? Are you frustrated with greasy hair? It is my quick tip for managing oily hair efficiently and how to wash oily hair. clik here

My purpose is to try to help you dye your hair every day. For me, there are no rules for dyeing your hair.

Today’s questions are about oily hair techniques, how to deal with an oily scalp, how often I should wash my hair, and some methods that can help reduce oily hair.



The issue is:

“My teenage daughter is greasy. Her hair is naturally slender but wavy. She doesn’t want to wash it every day. Is there a tip?”

Yes, I do have a lot of skills and some techniques. I hope it helps to answer this question.

I agree with your daughter that she should not wash her hair every day because it will make her scalp oily. Using dry shampoo between these few days can help control the appearance of oily hair.

Taking care when you wash your hair is key to maintaining a healthy scalp.


I would also like to add that YouTube mentions the type of shampoo and conditioner you use. The powerful sodium lauryl sulfate shampoo can be very rough on the oily scalp, causing you to produce more oil. Switching to a milder shampoo, such as a sulfate-free shampoo, can help manage your hair and scalp health.

Flat palm technique-try to use this technique when washing your hair because it does make a difference.

The conditioner on the scalp can make your hair oilier. Focus on applying the conditioner from the ear down.

If possible, use cold water for a final rinse. It helps to neutralize the scalp. That being said, I have super hot showers and can’t withstand cold washes. However, just turning the water down a bit for the final rinse does help. Then, like me, flush the water straight back to warm your body again. I don’t know how people wash in cold water!

I hope these tips will help manage your oily hair.

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