Know everything about the cost of hair extension application

hair extensions application costEveryone has a dream to grow their hair to a decent length. But sometimes due to some issue it is not possible. There are various procedures for hair extension and it may cost some price but the cost of hair extension application is also not similar for every place. It has variation from one place to another place. Certainly, some times the price is not a concern for someone who is very much determining for their hair. Weaves, pre-bound, clip-ins, fusions these are some names that is familiar by someone who is an enthusiastic for their hair style. Certainly there are different types of styles of extension. Here you will get to know some information regarding different types of hair extensions:

Know about the Clip-in Hair extension

Clip-in Hair extension

So this is basically a ready to use extension. Clip-in weft is the name of it and comes with an element of contoured pieces and at the base it is fixing with silicone or fabrics. The average hair extensions application cost lies from $200 to $600it may vary from different styles. One of the good things about the products is that it can easily be remove without any sort of issues. As a result, it usually takes around 5 to 15 minutes to put it on at home. 

How long does Tape in-hair extension lies

With the name itself you would have understood this tape-in hair extension. It is one of the easiest things to do just tape or glue the hair together on one of the either side of your hair. Consequently if you opt for a hair dresser then he may just install a glue or tape because they have to align them with your roots. Now the question arises that how much this hair extensions application cost, it may cost around $600 to $1000. Yes this bit pricy but the use ability is pretty good. This tape-in hair extension last for up to 4 to 8 weeks. And after that you need to remove it and then re-apply it.

Sew-in hair/Weave extension

Sew-in hair/Weave extension

This sew-in hair is applied by interlacing the characteristic hair into cornrows first, ten through using a needle and string to weave it into the cornrow. The hair around the area becomes thick as they are applied on that particular area. Even more, it is not that much costly the hair extensions application cheap is very nominal for everyone. It would cost around $275. It is put by a professional hairdresser because the entire process is bit complex. 

Pre-Bonded and fusion extension

This fusion or pre-bonded extension is a mixture of natural hair with the glue. First of all this, the process also takes a quiet time because it is not easy for a normal person to apply it by themselves. This type of extension stays with you for almost 4months. The process is complete using a machine that uses a hot gun of glue to complete a bond with your scalp. Even this hair extensions application cheap is not that much expensive it cost you around $200.

Hence these were some famous hair extension application which is very useful and beneficial for those loves to style up their hair.