How to protect hair and care skills while swimming

Now that we know the type of water that can damage the hair and why let us dive into practical hair care tips to protect it is health while swimming. more info

Haircare tips before swimming

protect hair and care skills

Tip 1: Reduce the use of hot tools.

Whether you swim or not, this is usually the best hair care tip. After countless hours of swimming, exposure to ultraviolet rays, and continuous washing of hair after immersion, hot tools will only accelerate the damage to the hair. During the summer months, you can embrace natural hair and choose a natural, unkempt look. We recommend that you curl your hair without heat, but if you want to use standard tools as part of your daily work, heat protectants are the key.

Tip 2: Use chlorine-containing hair care products

There are many easy-to-use products designed for swimmers, but who said you couldn’t use them to protect your hair while swimming? Leave-in care is a convenient and straightforward way to get UV protection, add moisture to your hair, and help prevent discoloration and fading. Please give it a quick squirt before going out, then throw it into your bag, then dip your hair again, and then dip it into the swimming pool or ocean.

Haircare tips while swimming

protect hair and care skills

Tip 1: Cover your hair

Okay, we don’t mean to go outside to buy Olympic-level swimming caps, but now there are many cute, retro-style swimming caps for you to choose. I can wear them on the beach or swim. It is the best way to protect your hair while swimming because your hair will never come into contact with water! At least, if you choose not to wear a swimming cap, We recommend tying the hair and avoiding contact with water.

Tip 2: Rinse hair

If you don’t want to wear a swimming cap, we recommend that you quickly rinse your hair before and after jumping out of the water to prevent further hair peeling. Your hair is moisturized. After cleaning and before returning to the sea, reapply the no-clean treatment.

Haircare tips after swimming

protect hair and care skills

Tip 1: Dry your hair with a soft cloth

It is natural for us to jump out of the water and rub our hair with a beach towel, but the rough material is terrible for your hair! Instead, keep a soft T-shirt or microfiber cloth in your beach bag, and then pat your hair dry after swimming.

Tip 2: Avoid combing your hair immediately

Likewise, you may feel the need to comb your hair immediately after it dries (unless you want to maintain a beach-like appearance, in which case, keep it as it is). Because wet hair is more likely to break, combing through the hair when it is wet can create tension in the hair strands, leading to more breaks. Wait a few minutes to let the hair dry in the sun, then use a wide-tooth comb.

TIP #3: Use a hair mask

The keyword for protecting the hair is moisturizing. The irony is that spending all your time floating in water can make your hair thirsty and lifeless, which is why you need to replenish the natural nutrients of your hair and reabsorb moisture. DIY hair mask, left in the conditioner, and hair oil are an excellent way to replenish hair, hydrate and soothe the scalp. Apply jojoba oil, olive oil or coconut oil all over the hair, comb the oil, and tie it up. Leave the grease treatment for 20-30 minutes, or leave it overnight to increase moisture, and then wash your hair normally the next morning.

If you do not need oil treatment, you can also add moisture to your hair in the shower. Just apply a little conditioner to the end, but don’t rush to rinse it off. Let the conditioner sit for another 10-15 minutes and then wash with cold water to seal the cuticles to reduce frizz and increase shine.

Sometimes it isn’t easy to stick to a consistent hair care regimen. By the end of the summer, the head of the hair usually becomes dull and dull, but by following our guidelines for hair care after swimming, you can ensure that your hair looks healthy and full of vitality throughout the summer.

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