How To Care For Virgin Brazilian Hair

Virgin Brazilian hair is the maximum famous hair weave for hair users. Brazilian virgin hair is bouncy, bright and sleek. It is easy to fashion and dye. Customers want to shop for virgin Remy Brazilian hair involved about the way to care for virgin Brazilian hair. Julia hair stocks with you the way to take proper care of virgin Brazilian hair little by little. 

If you need to recognize approximately how to take care of virgin Brazilian hair, you have to understand what’s Brazilian virgin hair, understanding about the capabilities of Brazilian remy hair, it is right that allows you to use it and contend with it. view more

What is Brazilian virgin hair? 

Virgin Brazilian Hair

Brazilian virgin hair is from the virgin girl seller. All the hair cuticles come to an equal path. Hence, the human hair package deal is tangle-free, and not clean to mess. There weren’t white hair in. The hair coloration is herbal and without any chemical. Brazilian virgin hair is the bouncy, healthful and complete quit, no cut up, and no lice. Virgin Brazilian hair is 100% human hair, tangle-loose, and losing unfastened. The hair can be dyed, styled, and permed. 

How to scrub your virgin Brazilian hair? 

Virgin Brazilian Hair

  • Prepare heat water, moist your Brazilian virgin hair weave with heat water. Put some hair shampoo into the water, however the Brazilian human hair weave into the sink. Wait for five-10 minutes, draw close the hair, please don’t twist it if you want to avoid the hair matte. 
  • Repeat final step three -5 instances, clean the Brazilian human hair via easy water until there won’t have shampoo on it. Then observe a few hair conditioners at the hair, anticipate as a minimum 5 mins. After that, smooth the conditioner with warm water. 
  • Use the towel absorb the water on the Brazilian hair weave, ensure not to twist it, or it will make the hair cut up. 
  • Put the hair on the stand or dangle it to dry it within the air. Please don’t use the blow drier, and it’ll make your virgin Brazilian hair dry and lost glossy. 
  • PS: wash the hair after 2-four weeks. It relies upon how regularly you use your hair weave. You had better use the shampoo and conditioner for hair weaves. Because the hair leaves the hair supplier, there wasn’t oil on it, and you need to use a few olive oils to make the hair vibrant and smooth. 
  • Please keep in mind to use the nice and cozy water, the water too warm or too cold will ruin the hair cuticle. Use the huge-tooth to sweep your hair, if your hair is curly Brazilian virgin hair, please don’t use a brush. All these notes can make your hair closing longer and excellent. 

How many bundles Brazilian virgin hair have to I use for an entire head? 

  • It relies upon the requirements for the hair. Some human beings like thick and full, however some people thick, right and cushty is better. Usually 3-4 bundles with a lace closure or a lace frontal are correct for a wig. 
  • No rely what size of your head. Our hair is 100g round each hair package, so the load is fixed, the longer the hair, the thinner. If you want to buy less than 20 inches, you could purchase three hair bundles with lace closure; in case you want to have a protracted hair wig than 20 inches, you could order four hair bundles with a lace closure. 
  • According to the person’s necessities, you could purchase the portions you like. The cause of sewing in a wig is herbal and comfortable; what we propose is the maximum common manner. If you have got special needs, please touch customer service to recognize greater information. 

 Virgin Hair And Remy Hair

tape in hair extensions video

Difference Between Virgin Hair And Remy Hair

What’s the distinction between virgin hair and remy hair? This is a query perplexing all of the clients who use the weave hair. Welcome to our Julia hair blog on the way to tell you the enormous variety of hair weave, lace closure, lace frontal, and wigs. You will realize the way to make hair care, hair expertise, style trend, and splendor. All the hair products are a hundred human hair and are very popular for African American ladies. 

We recognize that real human hair is right for our hair and might be greater herbal. There are virgin hair and Remy hair offer with the aid of the hair supplier, what is the difference? In this article, we can talk about this query. 

What is virgin hair? 

 Virgin Hair And Remy Hair

Virgin hair is used to explain hard and fast hair that has no longer been chemically altered in any way. This consists of dyes, perms, bleaching, and other popular strategies. 

Because virgin human hair is void of these processes, the cuticles are intact. The hair cuts from the virgin lady seller. The hair cuticle is in a single route to smooth, tangle-free. However, which means greater work required with the intention to preserve the hair shape and feeling. 

Additionally, the hair color that appears inside the hair extensions is naturally black, that’s why you see best this color to be had while virgin hair extensions are presented. Natural black virgin hair has many hair types: Brazilian virgin hair, Malaysian virgin hair, Peruvian virgin hair, and Indian virgin hair. The authentic hair comes from an exclusive region. 

What is remy hair? 

 Virgin Hair And Remy Hair

Remy hair is a sort of hair gathered from the head of donors/producers in this type of way as to maintain the hair’s cuticles well aligned with regards to its neighboring hairs. It approaches the hair remains gentle and silk.  Remy hair is beneficial in producing higher-satisfactory wigs, hair extensions and hairpieces. Remy hair isn’t always equal to virgin hair, because it can be coloured or permed. Its defining functions are an intact cuticle and how it became harvested. So although all Remy hair is Virgin hair, not all Virgin hair is Remy hair. 

What is non-remy hair? 

 Virgin Hair And Remy Hair

Non-remy hair evaluation might now not be complete without bringing up the ever-famous, non-Remy human hair. Non-Remy virgin hair is a satisfied medium among excessive best, Virgin Remy Hair, and lower high-quality hair which includes synthetic or Yaki. 

These kinds of hair extensions commonly go through a chemical treatment to produce a selected hair shade or hair texture in the hair. This destroys the hair cuticle, which appreciably shortens the existence of the hair extension. The source of hair is the distinction as nicely and includes the “leftovers” found in salons, brushes and different locations. 

This method hair will waft in exceptional guidelines and eventually cause tangling. Non-remy hair is easily tangled and matte. 

How to pick out virgin hair, remy hair or non-remy? 

Virgin hair, remy hair and non-remy hair isn’t always the identical hair. By the quality, the very best is remy hair, the competitive fee is non-remy hair, however it is without problems tangled and dropping. 

If you need to have excellent hair, it depends on your economic status, in case you do no longer care about the charge, you could buy the remy hair. In case your money isn’t always enough, non-remy hair is likewise a perfect preference. Different people have exclusive requirements, so depending for your desires, pick the fine one for you. 

tape in hair extensions video

Why tape in hair extensions video work for everyone

tape in hair extensions videoEveryone in this world needs a hair that is full of style coupled with long hair and with more volume. But it is not easy for everyone to achieve such type of look and feel. Thus here the role of hair extensions comes in; Therefore this extension hair is clipped in such a format that it looks genuine. Even a professional hairstylist may not find difference in the original and in the hair extension. However, if you need to understand the principles of this concept then you should definitely watch the tape in hair extensions video. This video will help you in understanding the complete process of it. 

Thus by watching the video you will all information about how the tape in hair extensions works and what are the steps to follow all the directions. Here in this article you will get to know why this tape hair extensions works for everyone: 

  • The tape in hair extensions looks realtape in hair extensions video

This hair extension looks natural and clean. The bond of the hair with the extension is totally strong and comfortable. Many people say that they sometimes forget that they are having a hair extension. This proves the level of comfort this tape in hair extension has.

  • Less time consuming 

There is rumour all around that the tape in hair extension takes a long time to put them on and taking them off. But this is a complete misconception, and you can verify it from the tape in hair extensions tutorial. However, removing process is very easy, you can soak up the tape bonds in a solvent that will automatically loosen the adhesive capacity and the extension will come out easily without facing any trouble. 

  • Easy maintenances 

Whereas the maintenance of these extensions is not a headache, it is an easy task that can be accomplished by anyone. However, you don’t need anything important or some crucial tools or equipment. Hence by seeing the tape in hair extensions video you will ascertain some important tactics that will help you in taking care of these hair extensions in a proper manner.  

  • No damages 

The last thing is that these hair extensions don not causes any damage to the original hair or scalp. No breakage of hair or any sort of threat to your scalp is noted. In fact if you properly maintain the hair extension and follow all the necessary given instructions in the tutorial you will find that you will find it easy to use the hair extension without any problem. 


tape in hair extensions video

Therefore these were some crucial aspects and key factors that tell that why these tape in hair extensions video works for everyone and help the user in achieving the true knowledge and usage of these hair extensions.

Know everything about the cost of hair extension application

Know everything about the cost of hair extension application

hair extensions application costEveryone has a dream to grow their hair to a decent length. But sometimes due to some issue it is not possible. There are various procedures for hair extension and it may cost some price but the cost of hair extension application is also not similar for every place. It has variation from one place to another place. Certainly, some times the price is not a concern for someone who is very much determining for their hair. Weaves, pre-bound, clip-ins, fusions these are some names that is familiar by someone who is an enthusiastic for their hair style. Certainly there are different types of styles of extension. Here you will get to know some information regarding different types of hair extensions:

Know about the Clip-in Hair extension

Clip-in Hair extension

So this is basically a ready to use extension. Clip-in weft is the name of it and comes with an element of contoured pieces and at the base it is fixing with silicone or fabrics. The average hair extensions application cost lies from $200 to $600it may vary from different styles. One of the good things about the products is that it can easily be remove without any sort of issues. As a result, it usually takes around 5 to 15 minutes to put it on at home. 

How long does Tape in-hair extension lies

With the name itself you would have understood this tape-in hair extension. It is one of the easiest things to do just tape or glue the hair together on one of the either side of your hair. Consequently if you opt for a hair dresser then he may just install a glue or tape because they have to align them with your roots. Now the question arises that how much this hair extensions application cost, it may cost around $600 to $1000. Yes this bit pricy but the use ability is pretty good. This tape-in hair extension last for up to 4 to 8 weeks. And after that you need to remove it and then re-apply it.

Sew-in hair/Weave extension

Sew-in hair/Weave extension

This sew-in hair is applied by interlacing the characteristic hair into cornrows first, ten through using a needle and string to weave it into the cornrow. The hair around the area becomes thick as they are applied on that particular area. Even more, it is not that much costly the hair extensions application cheap is very nominal for everyone. It would cost around $275. It is put by a professional hairdresser because the entire process is bit complex. 

Pre-Bonded and fusion extension

This fusion or pre-bonded extension is a mixture of natural hair with the glue. First of all this, the process also takes a quiet time because it is not easy for a normal person to apply it by themselves. This type of extension stays with you for almost 4months. The process is complete using a machine that uses a hot gun of glue to complete a bond with your scalp. Even this hair extensions application cheap is not that much expensive it cost you around $200.

Hence these were some famous hair extension application which is very useful and beneficial for those loves to style up their hair.